What is a 3PL?

ShippingDiscounts.com is a 3PL.

So, what is a 3PL? …3PL stands for third-party logistics provider. A 3PL is a firm that provides customers with services relating to logistics and supply chain management functions. A 3PL usually specializes in warehousing and transportation services depending on their customers’ needs. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals describes the services of a 3PL as being more than just warehousing and transportation related. Among the services 3PL’s provide are cross-docking, inventory management, packaging, and freight forwarding.

In the world of 3PL, ShippingDiscounts.com is a service based company, offering customers a value added service. Customers can book shipments online quickly and efficiently through our transportation management system. Our online system not only allows the customer to book their shipments, but also allows the customer to print their BOL in order to make shipping more seamless and easy. We specialize in catering to our customers and their shipping needs. We specialize in shipping small packages, LTL freight, and international shipments. Contact us about your next shipment today.

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