Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to use your service?

No, there is absolutely no cost or hidden fees when using our discount shipping services. You simply pay for the actual shipping costs on the shipments you do.

How do I sign up for your service?

Simply call our toll-free number at 800-677-1340 or fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page and we’ll get in touch with you to take your information to get your account setup. We just need your basic shipping and billing information and we can usually have your account setup in less than an hour.

How much money can I expect to save?

This really depends on the type of shipping you do and the current discounts that you are receiving from your existing carriers. But we go out of our way to try and save at least 15% for our customers and are usually able to do so for all but the biggest companies.

What carriers can I get discounts with?

We’ve got the ability to get discounted shipping with the 3 major domestic and international small parcel carriers and with over 30 national and regional less than truckload (LTL) freight carriers. We only work with established, reputable, well-known shipping companies.

Where does my bill come from?

This is somewhat dependent on the carriers that you end up using but in most scenarios, you will receive your bill directly from us. So any billing questions or concerns you have can be answered directly by our dedicated staff that is committed to giving your business personalized customer service.

I’ve never done freight before, can you help me process my shipments?

Our dedicated sales staff is happy to walk you through our freight shipment tool until you are completely comfortable using it on your own. We understand that freight can be confusing at times, but once you get comfortable with the basics, our transportation management system will easily help you quote your shipments, create your bill of lading, and offer tracking help on previous shipments you’ve done. Once you have created a shipment, our internal freight desk goes to work and will schedule your freight pickups for you.

How does ShippingDiscounts.com get such good rates?

We leverage the buying power of thousands of customers across the country. In fact, as we continue to add customers our volume discounts should only get better and better.

Who are your shipping providers?

We’re partnered with over 30 of the top national, regional, and international shipping carriers in the world. We have the ability to set you up with the major small parcel carriers as well as the big names in LTL freight such as Saia, Southeastern, Conway, and Yellow Roadway to name a few examples.

Do you guarantee on time delivery?

We abide by the guaranteed shipping guidelines of each individual carrier and if they don’t meet those guidelines we will ensure that you are not charged for your shipping. Most small package shipments are guaranteed for a certain delivery time depending on the service level. Most freight is not guaranteed by default but we have the ability to get this service should it be required for your shipments.

How do I schedule pickups?

This is going to vary by what you are shipping. For small packages, you’ll be able to schedule pickups online or by calling the carrier. On the freight side of our business, our system is designed so that once you create a bill of lading for your shipment, our freight desk takes the work out of the pickup for you and will schedule it and follow-up to ensure that a driver showed up to get your freight.

When do I pay?

Our standard terms are Net 15. We do require a credit card on file, but will not charge it unless your account becomes at least 15 days PAST DUE. Of course if you’d like to pay regularly with credit or debit, we’re more than happy to accept payment that way for no additional fees.

What kind of payment do you take?

We accept all checks, money orders, and major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.