Shipping Liquids

At ShippingDiscounts.com we have been asked what customers can do to make sure their liquids can be shipped safely. Shipping liquids or any items that can spill or leak can be difficult. Ehow has listed some steps that you can take when shipping liquids:

Use a bigger box than you need. This is the one case when over-packaging is a good thing. Fill all extra space with cushioning such as bubble wrap, styrofoam, packing peanuts, shredded paper, or crumpled newspaper. You can find good materials at the post office or at office supply stores. By filling the extra space with packing material you are preventing them against the movement that can split containers during transit.

Tape all lids closed. It might be a nuisance to remove later, but it’s better to have too much tape than too little. Taping containers both over the top and around the screw-on area keeps them from becoming loose during their journey with potential bouncing and pressure changes.

Place containers in plastic bags if possible. Place your taped containers into plastic bags before filling and packing the container. This adds an extra measure of safety in case the liquids do indeed leak.

Place a warning on the box. Let the shipper know that the box contains liquids. This way your packages will be handled with extra care.

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