Shipping Furniture As Freight

When moving furniture, shipping your items as freight will more than likely be the most cost effective. While this is great news, there are some things to keep in mind before deciding to place your furniture on a semitrailer.

  1. Shipping furniture as freight is usually curb-to-curb service. Inside pickup and delivery cannot be expected, and the driver may only load and unload on and off the truck.
  2. While in transit, your furniture may be taken on and off multiple trailers in multiple locations. This is the nature of LTL freight.
  3. And because of the consistent movement of LTL freight, your furniture needs to be cushioned or packaged to the best of your ability. Your furniture being shipped as freight will be exposed to heavy moving and rearranging.
  4. EHow’s article on How to Ship Furniture Cross Country states that preparing for pickup is important. Make sure your furniture is easily accessible for a driver to load. There needs to be enough room for the truck and a possible lift gate to operate.

If you are considering shipping furniture as freight, contact us today. ShippingDiscounts.com can assist you with finding the best rate for shipping your furniture.

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