Mid-Range LTL Freight Classes

Some of the most common LTL freight classes are freight class 92.5-200, this seems odd because on a scale of 50-500 these freight classes are not actually in the middle of that range.  C’est la vie!

These mid-range freight classes represent freight that is not too heavy but also fairly durable.  This range of freight class is comprised of items like; tractor and car parts, helmets, and garage door openers.  While, these pieces of LTL freight are not large heavy pieces of freight, they are still very durable LTL freight shipments.

Last week I quoted a potential customer looking to LTL freight ship a prize wheel.  Well, this LTL freight is fairly durable and not very heavy so  it is LTL freight class 200.  On the other hand, a shipper looking to ship photo booths to a fair would freight class his LTL freight shipment at 125.  This is most likely due to the high density of a photo booth, but also taking into account the risk involved in moving such LTL freight.

Another commonly shipped item is used electronics.  Used electronics are freight class 92.5,  this is convenient because many times LTL freight shippers shipping this freight combine many types of electronics on a single pallet.  This is not the case for new electronics, if you are shipping new electronics I recommend asking one of our quote specialists to help you find the correct freight class.

Remember, if you are unsure of how to freight class your shipment we would love to help you do that.  It is important to freight class LTL freight correctly so that you get the most accurate LTL freight quote!

Get ready for the density based LTL freight class blog in a few days!!!

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