Low International Freight Rates

ShippingDiscounts.com’s international shipping rates empower you to ship your international freight at low rates, while giving you the confidence that your shipments will arrive safely and on schedule.

Our program gives you:

Discount International Freight Rates

We’ve already done all the work and have negotiated extremely low shipping rates with our group of international freight partners. Whether you are importing or exporting goods, we want to ensure that you are getting the best freight deal for your money.

We’ll Help With The Paperwork

Most of our international carrier partners have their own in-house customs brokers. We work closely with the companies and brokers to ensure that your shipments get through customs in a timely fashion. If an issue arises, we’ll help you quickly work through the problem.

Its a Big World Out There

Whether you are an international shipping pro or are just thinking about expanding internationally, there are a ton of rules and regulations related to shipping into or out of the country. We can help create an international shipping game plan that will promote the best use of your company’s money while ensuring that your packages are arriving quickly and safely to their destination.

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