How to Ship eBay and Craigslist Items as LTL Freight

Whether it’s unique furniture for your home or cheap used equipment for your business, online sellers offer great variety and once in a lifetime deals. But when it comes to shipping your purchase, it can be hard to know what you need. If you are buying or selling large items online, be it through eBay, Craigslist, or a specialty auction, this guide is for you.

First, find out what shipping method you need. LTL shipping is the cheapest, best option for large machinery and electronics, crated furniture, and pallets of bulk goods. If your item is over 4 feet long or over 150 pounds, you will most likely need to ship via LTL freight.

Next, decide who will pay for the freight. This person will work closely with the freight broker to arrange the shipment. When bidding on or posting an item, budget appropriately for shipping costs. Keep in mind that cross-country moves are more expensive than short distance ones, and prices usually increase with a higher weight.

Freight prices are determined in part by weight and dimensions, so make it easier to get an accurate quote by measuring your item’s weight and dimensions. If the item will be crated, measure the crated weight and dimensions.

It’s a good idea to find out where your buyer/seller is located. You will need the zip code, and you’ll also want to find out if your item is headed to or departing from a residential or a commercial location. It is cheaper to use a commercial location.

If it’s appropriate, box or crate your item before pickup. Here are some items that must be boxed or crated: motorcycles and bikes, furniture, snowmobiles, taxidermy, sporting goods, signs, and scientific or medical diagnostic equipment. Items that do not require a box include: automobile engines, transmissions, and simple heavy machines such as presses. If there are a lot of small boxes, it’s best to consolidate onto one or two pallets.

If you are planning to break down the pallet at delivery, make sure you have some helpers ready. Typically, an LTL freight truck driver will not unpack a pallet of boxes.

Happy shopping, and happy shipping!

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