Holiday Shipping Tips!

During the holiday season, it helps to be informed about your shipping options- not just for delivering gifts to loved ones, but for shipping the items you need to prepare your home, such as wood stoves, Yule logs (yes, we get requests about these!), and materials for repairs like new sinks or molding. Here are our tips and advice about shipping during the holidays.

Typically, freight carriers do not work on holidays, Christmas Eve, or the Friday following Thanksgiving. Additionally, there is more freight being moved at this time of year, which causes delays when trucks are filled to capacity more quickly. These are both good reasons why you should plan on booking your shipping as early as you can during the holidays.

If you are a vendor, and especially if your industry gets a boost during the holidays (toy suppliers come to mind!), make sure you have your ducks in a row for freight shipping. If you operate out of your home, consider using a terminal or a commercial space for freight pickups and deliveries to save money. If it’s your first time shipping freight, consult our guide to freight pick-ups and our tips for small business owners .

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