Shipping Testimonials We Would Like to Share

“Lacy, I just wanted to let you know that our shipment came in on time and the driver was very good, courteous and helpful. Please let the carrier know how we feel about him and we wish more drivers were like him.

You did a great job in getting this to us and to help us get on our way to helping in the fight to stop the damage and destruction of our oceans and reef systems. We will most definitely be doing business with you in the future and look forward to working with you again.

We will also be recommending you to all of our business contacts for their shipping needs.”

-Derek P

“The inbound load was already been received this morning. There’s that wonderful service Stacey was talking about.”

-Brett H

“Meagan, Thank you for the introduction. So far everyone at your company has been outstanding and I expect that you will be just as friendly and helpful as Lacy and Stacey.

I’m looking forward to working with you much more in the future.”


“Thank you very much; I hope we have a mutually lucrative working relationship. If yesterday was any indication of how we may proceed in the future, I’m pretty sure we will be working together for quite some time.

Stacy was wonderful with all of her assistance: very patient and prompt. In our industry those two qualities sometimes go by the wayside.”

-Charlene N

“I felt the need to let you know how smooth this process was. Thank you very much for providing excellent service and I will be using your service for my future freight needs. I tried to use two other companys and was not happy with the results. So I was so pleasantly surprised to have excellent service, affordable pricing, and smooth pick up using you!”


“Steven is an absolute pleasure to work with & always goes above and beyond for us. Thank you again!

I scheduled it with no problem at all. I really like you guys’system. Thank you for walking me through it the other day. You’ve been super helpful.

I am just finishing up a shipment that was organized by your employee Ashley Phillips. This was my first experience getting a freight shipment and all I have to say was she did her job beautifully. I had tons of questions that she always answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. The prices she was able to get us were by far the best and we greatly appreciate that service. The work she showed us I felt needed to be commended which is why I have asked her for your email. Too much these days people only send complaining letters and I am doing my best to try and praise those of us hard workers that deserve praising! Ashley is definitely one that deserves praising.”

-Megan F