Freight Referrals: A Win-Win For Both Companies

A few months ago one of our direct sales people contacted a Truck Parts company based in Eugene, Oregon about saving money on the freight shipments that they were doing. The owner of the company was a gentleman named Mark and he was very satisfied with the existing freight rates and freight discounts that he was receiving. We convinced him to let us compare some of our freight rates with what he was paying with his existing carriers. While Mark was receiving some decent discounts from his freight carriers, in the end we were able to save his business over 40% on what they had been paying. This was a huge savings for Mark and his company and he immediately agreed to switch his book of freight business over to ShippingDiscounts.com .

After using our online freight rater for a few weeks and seeing continual savings on their freight moves Mark asked us if we would be willing to work out a deal where we paid him for referrals that he would give us. We worked out an arrangement and Mark began sending us quite a few leads. He had great relationships with his suppliers and some of his customers and all were in the same industry as he was. So far Mark has referred about 14 different truck parts companies to us. We’ve been able to save all of these businesses on the freight that they have been moving. We’ve really appreciated the business that Mark has sent our way. Not only did we save Mark a ton of money on the shipping he was already doing, we now send him a decent check at the end of each month for the referrals he sent us.

At ShippingDiscounts.com we’re always happy to accept referrals as we’re confident in our product and rates and we will do our best to save your referrals money. If you know of businesses that could benefit from deeper freight discounts, please call us or send us an email at contact@shippingdiscounts.com.

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