Freight class: Part 2- High Freight Class

An LTL shipment having a high freight class generally means that the item being LTL freight shipped is not very dense or is very fragile.  One of our clients ships chandeliers from their warehouse to stores all over the United States.  They know that because chandeliers are fragile they are freight class 200.   In this case freight class is a measure of the risk the LTL carrier bears while transporting that item.

Doing research for this blog, I looked up the freight class of ping pong balls (freight class 500) because they are a good example of LTL freight with a very low density.  Freight class 500 is very rarely used to class LTL freight.  In this case, freight class 500 is used because of the low density of ping pong balls.  Other examples of high freight class as a result of low density are fiber glass hot tubs (freight class 250) and fenders (also freight class 250).

Rule of thumb:  If your LTL freight is large and doesn’t weigh much or if it is very costly to replace your LTL freight will have a relatively high freight class.  When you get an LTL freight quote ask our LTL freight quote specialist to class your item.

Look for my blogs on mid-range freight classes and density based freight next week!

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