First Time Shippers Guide to LTL Freight Shipping: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two in our three part series for new and first-time shippers.

Part Two: Price and Preparation

LTL or “less than truckload” freight prices are determined by the weight, distance, and freight class of the shipment. Additionally, there are extra charges for accessorial services; the most common of these for one-time shippers are residential pick-up or delivery and liftgate truck service.

Tip: Avoid accessorial charges by delivering to a shipping terminal instead of a residence.

To prepare your shipment for pick-up, make sure that your item is packaged properly. Improperly packaged goods may not be accepted, which means you’ll need to spend time fixing the packaging and rescheduling the shipment.

LTL freight pick-ups are usually scheduled for a window of two or more hours. When you are ready for pick-up, make sure you have your Bill of Lading ready. Don’t forget to print it out!

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