Can this ship LTL?

Here at ShippingDiscounts.com, our specialty is LTL freight shipping, which is most commonly used by industries that ship pallets of goods. LTL freight can also be useful for shipping bulky items such as machinery, or even for multiple boxes of household goods over 150 pounds. Here are some recent requests our team has fielded about LTL freight shipping:

What does “LTL” stand for? It stands for Less-than Truck Load, meaning that your item does not take up all the space in a truck and can share space with other freight.

Will my item be moved on and off the truck more than once? Yes, your item will be moved through shipping terminals (much like when you change planes in the airport) and will be moved by a forklift. A forklift will easily fit under a standard wooden shipping pallet. That’s why it’s especially important to put your item on a pallet!

Can I ship live animals? No, LTL freight is not appropriate for moving pets or livestock! If you are moving a furry or feathered friend, you will need to contact a specialty service.

Can I ship an item over eight feet tall? No, typically, items this size must be shipped on a flatbed truck.

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