Blind Shipping and LTL Freight

As the modern day workplace becomes increasingly virtualized, more and more companies are turning to blind shipping as a way to transport goods via freight from another provider without seeming like the “middleman.” Here is how blind ltl shipment works: let’s say company A wants to ship an engine or any product to company B, but company A gets their products from a warehouse in another location. If the customer knows this, they could “technically” just go through the warehouse which would cut out company A entirely. This is where blind shipping comes in. The freight shipper provides their information and the warehouse’s, as well as the shipper’s information to the ltl freight carrier.

The ltl carrier then takes this information and makes the return address the same as the shipper’s, thus it appears as though it came from that location. Then, after the freight delivers, all the right information will be corrected on the bill of lading (BOL). Some freight carriers do not charge at all for a blind shipment, but usually freight shipping blind comes with a $30-$80 fee attached. This is an administrative fee for the extra work involved. If you are a company with stockless online retail, blind shipping may be the right choice for you and prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Blind Shipping

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