ShippingDiscounts.com is a leading provider of discounted small package shipping, less than truckload (LTL) freight discounts, and discounted international freight shipping. We believe that companies should all ship smarter and spend less money on the shipping they do and have access to the best technology to make their shipping process as pain-free and as efficient as it can be. Any customer that has an office in the United States can take advantage of ShippingDiscounts.com’s fantastic shipping deals and relationships with over 40 different carriers.

Our management team has been working in the logistics industry for years, but got its start running different e-commerce websites. We discovered that shipping is a pain, expensive, and the customer is often uninformed about the choices they have to reduce their shipping costs. We decided there had to be a better way and we started developing our freight and small package relationships and eventually made the switch to a full service third party logistics company. So we’ve lived through your pain and now have the solutions in place to take it away.

If you’re unhappy about the amount of money you are spending on your shipping, discouraged by the customer service your current carrier(s) provides, or want to figure out the most efficient way for your company to process its shipments, don’t hesitate any longer.

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