4 Ways To Increase Your Cash Flow This Spring

Here at ShippingDiscounts.com, we know that cash flow is especially important for our customers. We’ve put together these four easy tips to help you increase your cash flow this spring.

  1. Use a third-party logistics company like ShippingDiscounts.com. We have already done the work of negotiating great rates with over 40 carriers nationwide, and we can pass these savings along to you every time you ship.
  2. Ship in Bulk. Generally,  the price per pound will decrease as the weight of your shipment increases. By sending  fewer, heavier shipments of your goods, you can bring your cost per unit down.
  3. Weigh your freight accurately. Weight is an important factor in pricing both LTL and international  shipments. The more accurate your weight, the less likely it is that your freight will be reweighed and assessed an additional fee. Not sure where to start? Smaller items can often be weighed on a bathroom scale.
  4. Refer a friend. We offer a paid referral program at ShippingDiscounts.com. If you know a business that could benefit from deeper freight discounts, call us or send an email to contact@shippingdiscounts.com.

Take your business to the next level this spring by taking control of your shipping costs.  ShippingDiscounts.com is your source for the tools and expertise to save money and streamline your shipping.

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