Privacy Policy

ShippingDiscounts.com has created this privacy policy in order to display our devotion to privacy. The following statement discloses our information gathering and disclosure practices for the ShippingDiscounts.com website.

ShippingDiscounts.com collects various information for various purposes. This information that is collected is used to improve and market the various services that we offer, marketing purposes, improvements on website content, and to contact various customer or vendors with service and technical updates. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact ShippingDiscounts.com by email at contact@shippingdiscounts.com or by our telephone number at 800-677-1340.

1. IP Address and Cookies Usage
We use your IP address to administer our web site and to help diagnose technical problems. Our web site uses cookies to help us recognize returning customers and to better facilitate the repeat functionality of our site.

2. Information Collection Practices
During the acceptance of our terms of use, ShippingDiscounts.com requires users to give us contact information via an online registration form. The customer’s contact information is used for account related purposes such as address verification, confirmation of shipment information, in addition to the purposes of notifying them of service updates and the explanation of services.

During the shipment creation process, ShippingDiscounts.com requires shipment information from you in order to process your shipment. This information includes product descriptions, shipping and receiving addresses and phone numbers, and the date and time of pickup. This information is then utilized to create an electronic pickup request with a freight carrier and to forward any required shipping documents to the shipping or receiving entities. This information is required and necessary to order to accurately process a shipment request with a carrier.

ShippingDiscounts.com reserves the right to contact a shipping or receiving location if there is a problem with a pickup or delivery.

3. Information Sharing
Shipping and receiving information for all shipments are submitted electronically to the carrier selected by the shipper. ShippingDiscounts.com does not share a user’s customer’s personal information with any third party other than for the purposes that are required to properly process a shipment.

4. Security
Customer access is restricted by the use of a username and password.

5. Choice/Opt-Out
Customers can have their information removed from our database and be removed from future service updates as well as cancel service by emailing us at contact@shippingdiscounts.com or calling us at 800-677-1340. Customers can also request their own preferred communication method by notifying us to setup their account not to receive certain communications.

6. Correct/Update
ShippingDiscounts.com provides customers the following options for modifying or updating their previously provided information.

-Call us at 800-677-1340
-Email us at contact@shippingdiscounts.com
-Mail written instructions to: ShippingDiscounts.com; 7600 Burnet St, Suite 150, Austin, TX 78757