A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Freight Shipping

Here at ShippingDiscounts.com, we serve many customers who are starting or expanding a small business and looking for ways to save on freight costs. It’s important to keep your costs down when every cent counts, and ShippingDiscounts.com can help! If you’re a small business owner and you’re new to freight, here are some pointers tailored to you:

Know Your Freight Class

If you’re shipping the same type of goods frequently, you’ll want to know the freight class of your goods so that you can get an accurate shipping quote. You can read more about freight class here.

Package Items Properly

The best packaging for most items is usually a pallet or crate. See our guide to palletizing.

Break it Down

If you’re shipping items that require assembly, such as furniture or outdoor structures, consider shipping them in “knocked down” form. This not only protects the goods but may allow you to ship at a lower (and cheaper) freight class.

Use a Terminal

Do you often ship to or from a residence? Avoid accessorial charges by delivering to or from a shipping terminal.

And When In Rome…

In today’s global economy, more small businesses are shipping internationally. International shipping has much in common with LTL (“less than truckload”) shipping, but the dimensions and weight are even more important since the cargo will be aboard an aircraft. Be sure to weigh and measure your goods accurately and know the value for customs.

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